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 Application of the Fundamental Concepts

Customer/Stakeholder Intimacy (Building an element of trust)

The focus of the MoD is a win-win situation for the Ministry and its customers and to build and value our long term partnerships. In order to achieve this, we must be able to build mutual respect, trust, confidence, cooperation and responsiveness.

The Ministry's Customers range from the internal partners; the two Security Forces (Police/Military), Foreign Partners, business players, to the entire Nation. Our customers are as listed below:


Management Concept

(Recruit the Right Officers, Training and Development, Job Matching, Performance and rewards)  

Our concept is to operate a disciplined organization that encourages as much initiative and creativity that will assimilate the following:
•    Selecting the right skilled, knowledgeable and most qualified Officer
•    Proper training and development
•    Appointment to the right position
•    High Productivity
•    Rewards to be assigned as stipulated within current, existing policies

 Accomplishing our Purpose

(Managing Risks, Sustainability, Accountability, Quality)

The cornerstone to maximizing the strategic effectiveness and efficiency of MoD is the provision of a National Security, Defence and Intelligence framework that will assist in the maintenance and enhancement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, democratic development and strengthened governance of our country.

In order to accomplish these, the MoD must be able to:
  • Manage and mitigate risks 
  • Ensure the sustainability of policies, programs and decisions in the interest of National Security and Defence
  • Be accountable and transparent in its transactions and dealings
  • Ensure quality of service through enhanced productivity.

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