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 Roles of our Divisions

Corporate Services Division(CSD)

This division comprises of two (2) sections namely the Accounts and Administration Sections which have a total manpower of twenty officers in both established and unestablished cadre. The CSD's role is to provide sound advice to the Management and provide admin/logistic support to the other divisions.

Every year becomes challenging for the CSD as it tried to facilitate the demands from all the Divisions in order to align the Ministry's outputs towards the roadmap outcomes.

Security Forces Division(SFD)

 The SFD provided a coordinating role on policy matters for the two Disciplined Services namely, the Fiji Police Force and the RFMF. The Strategic Priority Areas for the Division are aligned to the outcomes identified in the Roadmap for Democracy.

Security And Intelligence Division(S&I)

SI 2016

The S&I Division's key role within the Ministry is to handle real time security issues covering a wide range of interest areas from contemporary security threats, environmental issues, food security, and border security to the more asymmetrical and conventional security risks and threats.

The unit is also responsible for the formulation, endorsement and implementation of major National Security Policies and their accompanying mandatory legal and operational frameworks.

There are approximately 12 officers in this unit and they are headed by PAO(S&I)

National Assessment Division(NAD)

 In line with the Ministry's vision statement of "Safety, Security and Stability as the catalyst for Peace and Socio – Economic Development", the National Assessment Division (NAD) serves the Vision Statement via the timely provision of assessment and occasional papers on matters pertaining to the security of the nation.

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