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 Vision, Mission & Values



 Safety, Security and Stability as a catalyst for Peace and Socio–Economic development.


To provide Leadership for integrated National Security and Defence Management in order to Ensure Peace and Stability as a platform for Socio–Economic Growth.


Our ultimate purpose is to provide the nation with a suitable defence, intelligence and security framework that will ensure the continued democratic development, safeguarding of our sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintenance of internal stability and mitigation of negative externalities, for the continued social, political and economic development of our nation.

Our Values:

  • TRANSPARENCY.We will practice openness and be transparent in our dealings with stakeholders.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY.We will at all times be accountable for all decisions and actions and we will not abandon our responsibility.
  • HONESTY. We will act and speak truthfully at all times.
  • EFFICIENCY.We will aim to do more with less and have quick turnaround time for all services to our stakeholders.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS. We will serve our customers and strive at all times to meet their expectations.
  • INTEGRITY. We will maintain the highest ethical standards in all our dealings.
  • PROFESSIONALISM.vWe will be professional and expedient at all times ensuring that our services and the quality of service we provide are of the highest standard.
  • TEAMWORK. We will at all times Trust & Support each other, build good relationships and maintain Good Team Spirits.

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