Roles of our Divisions

Corporate Services Division (CSD)

The Corporate Services and Public Relations Division is responsible for the provision of corporate services and financial support to the Ministry. The major responsibilities of the division includes delivering the requirements pertaining to Section 127 (8) of the constitution of the Republic of Fiji and compliance to General Orders 2011, the Public Service Code of Conduct, the Financial Management Act, Ministry’s Agency Financial Manual, Financial Management Instructions, Government Wage Earners [GWE] Terms and Conditions of Service, and approved changes issued through circulars from the central agencies and reporting agencies for the compliance of the entire Ministry.

Apart from the above key responsibilities, the Division also:

  • accommodates the facilitation and administration of the entire processing of vacant posts and recruitment of personnel;
  • administers the disciplinary process, movement of staff and provides secretarial duties for Senior Management Meetings;
  • maintains the security and maintenance of assets such as computers, office equipment, and provides regular update of the inventory register;
  • provides administrative and logistics support to other Divisions when and if the need arises;
  • provides briefs as and when required on MCS Circular, Finance Circular or Cabinet Decision that may change working conditions or other areas of work;
  • administers the Ministry’s fleet of vehicles and ensures that all vehicles are serviceable and in good condition at all times;
  • accommodates the maintenance of the Ministry’s Registry;
  • manages the leave administration of its entire staff and also the supervision of Government Wage Earners (GWEs) in the Ministry;
  • facilitates and supports the reporting functions and requirements of the entire Ministry to the reporting agencies MOE, Strategic Planning Office and Cabinet Office;
  • accommodates the compilation of the Ministry’s strategic training needs analysis and identifies relevant training needed for the Ministry; and
  • accommodates National Events, which for the current financial year includes the successful conduct of both, Fiji Day celebration and Remembrance Day commemoration respectively.

The Accounts Section, which is part of the Division, plays a vital role in ensuring that the Ministry works within the approved budget allocations and guidelines. They update management regularly on the commitments and expenditure for service delivery by the Ministry and its financial status.


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