Setting Standards

Standards of Service
The Ministry in the execution of all its deliverables works within the parameters of standing policies of government (General Orders, Finance Manual, Public Service Act 1999, etc.). In all our dealings in order to enable the delivery of our outputs, we profess to uphold our Values & Principles. These further translate into strict working guidelines, the meeting of deadlines, high work turnover, being ever-aware of customer perception/service, diligent punctuality, adhering to a corporate dress code, utilizing temperate voice tones and techniques to deal with customers.

Employee Selection
Purpose, coherent, self-esteem, character

Our selection process is dictated by Part 2, Section 4(1) – (14) – Public service Act 1999 NO 2:

We will recruit individuals who are purpose driven; of good character who are consistent and have a high level of personal self-esteem.

Commitment to Employees

  1. Rewards (apart from norm) shall be granted through the Services Excellence Award and as per government approval on other benefits
  2. Provide opportunity for training and development of employees so they are competent to do the work required of them
  3. Monitoring and Counseling shall be provided as appropriate with wide consultation
  4. Evaluate and Recognize performance objectively, fairly and consistently
  5. Treat each employee as an Individual with dignity and respect

Commitment to Development (Education)

  1. We will be committed to making a substantial investment in employee education to create a “knowledge based learning organization” founded on the premise that knowledge properly applied is the source of superior performance.
  2. The goal is for each employee to be an expert in performing his or her role, by mastering all aspects of the work.
  3. Each individual should perform to his or her full capabilities.

Importance of Teamwork

  1. Whilst we value independent thought, recognize self-motivated and strong personal goals, much of the work output is strongly viewed to be accomplished within teams. Each individual must be coherent to achieving agreed-upon objectives of the team, with respect to our fellow employees, while acting in a mutually supportive manner.
  2. Recognizing individual contribution to the success of the whole team is a key responsibility to leadership.
  3. We need excellent individuals who can work together thus creating an outstanding team.


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